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At 4 Logo Designs, we specialize in what we call anyshore delivery - the combination of onsite, offsite and offshore services that 4 Logo Designs provides you maintaining a bridge between the greatest value at the lowest cost. We take into account your resources, timeframe, needs and goals and deliver the optimal solution that solves your business problem at the earliest possible within your financial budgets.

Any Time, Any Shore
Anyshore delivery means we can work faster and with higher levels of flexibility and customization, while passing cost savings on to you. We apply our expertise:

Onsite - Our consultants come to your place of business.
Offsite - We work for you at our own offices in the U.S, Australia & India.
Offshore - Our experts do customized development overseas.

We build customizable solutions that fit your requirements closely. You can choose Enterprise Solutions, Co-Managed Solutions or Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) - all of these leverage anyshore delivery, combining superior quality with our offshore advantage as needed for optimal results.

Superior Quality
Quality is an integral part of our commitment to world-class products and customer services. We're dedicated to continuous process improvement for both customers and employees. Our established standards and measurements ensure that levels of quality match or exceed your expectations.

Our quality process involves:
Verifying and validating existing and new program functions
Researching for improvements in quality
Helping define and improve our development processes
Conducting internal quality audits
Maintaining ISO certification

We follow specific plans for development, quality control, documentation, training and configuration management. We also closely observe our Software Design Specification and release and delivery schedules. Verification and validation (testing) complete the process.

Ask us for code and documentation samples - our code is clean, streamlined, efficient and easy to troubleshoot. Most importantly, it ensures the efficiency of your application.

If you have specific quality-control standards or documentation requirements, please let us know so we can adhere to them.

The Offshore Advantage
Our offices in Australia & India allow us to incorporate extremely high-quality, reliable offshore development as part of our customized solutions. Due to our methodology and our size, we are more nimble than larger competitors - we start projects quickly and deliver on time, every time.

Between our two offshore development sites in Melbourne and Chandigarh, we can seat 100+ developers in a 24-hour work cycle to build custom software extremely quickly. This environment lets us pass on to you a cost savings of 30 to 50 percent over in-house or onsite development.

In general, the percentage of work done offshore depends on the scope of your project. Overall project design occurs in the U.S., and development is completed offshore prior to installing the solution at your site. Our long-term experience helps us build your solution - we have a wealth of knowledge and numerous contacts from our exposure to various clients and regions.

Why 4 Logo Designs for offshore development?

Skills: We've had experience with a variety of solutions using every application available. Our consultants are trained for new technologies and solutions and re-deployed as needed. In addition, we believe in training our consultants to communicate well and blend easily into other organizations' corporate cultures.

Project management: 4 Logo Designs is a Web & Software Solutions company, and we leverage our excellent communication with our offshore sites to your advantage. Our project managers at your location have significant experience, and they interface between you and our offshore management teams.

Services for mid-sized organizations: Often mid-sized organizations don't have the opportunity to benefit from offshore development. Not only do we service mid-sized clients, we also offer web development and back-end coding that includes development offshore. All creative web design occurs in the U.S. according to your requirements.

Cost- and time-savings: Cost-of-living structures in offshore regions yield maximum cost advantage. Our offshore skill sets and volume of workers also mean faster, more efficient development on any given project.

Project Methodology
Every IT project must carry you from the problem to the completed solution. Our extensive experience has helped us develop an extremely unique, specialized project methodology composed of small milestones we call inchstones - hence its name, Virtual Inchstone Approach (VIA).
We apply this methodology to all projects as the guiding force that directs progress. Highly evolved over years of advanced development, VIA is based on the system development life cycle (SDLC).

We expertly tailored VIA so it ensures success while keeping you informed of project activity each step of the way. The following stages make up VIA methodology:


Initiation & Discovery






Extremely successful and highly evolved, each individual phase of our methodology is executed with attention to specific tasks and milestones for on-time delivery.

One of the many unique aspects of VIA is its thoroughness at the inception and closure phases. Inception includes our assessment of your business concern, followed by gathering additional information, creating project assumptions, setting expectations and more. In the closure phase, we ensure that knowledge transfer is complete, confirm acceptance of all deliverables and resolve any open issues. We also give you the opportunity to provide feedback on our work, and we develop a case study that can be beneficial to your organization.

From inception to closure, VIA is fully customizable for your business and has proven successful for all our clients. VIA is highly proprietary.

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